Welcome to my blog – what Lou reads and more! This is a completely new venture for me and inspired by my very good friend Vicky who said she’d read it (at least that’s one reader, right?!).

I grew up in a reading family and have always loved reading, but the older I got the more I’ve drifted away from it, filling my time with other things (endless scrolling and Netflix), and only reading a few books a year. I started to read more again towards the end of 2020, and set myself a goal of reading 12 books in 2021, in comparison to the 8 I read in 2020. I’m already on book 10, so I’ll be setting a new target once I’ve reached the 12!

The 8 books I read in 2020

Something that I’ve not talked about with many people is the anxiety I started to feel at the end of 2020, and the relief that reading has provided from that. The anxiety was robbing me of peaceful evenings, instead of relaxing I was overwhelmed and overthinking, and then I realised that when I was reading I wasn’t anxious. That realisation has transformed the last few months for me, I’m experiencing less anxiety and I’m thoroughly enjoying entering different worlds, lifestyles, ideas, eras and more, through books! So why not write about it too?

My plan here is to review books, write about books, keep a diary of what I read and how books makes me feel, but also to touch on other things I enjoy or things going on in the world (hello world wide pandemic!). I’m just going to see how things go and what I enjoy writing about, I’d love you to join me for the ride!